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Home Boarding

If you are going on holiday and need your dog looked after but don’t want to put them into kennels, we offer an at-home service.


The dog will stay in the comfort of my home. During the day the dog will come out with me for walks, and stay with me all day. Having lots of fun and experiencing new places.


After we have finished the walks for the day, the dog will come back to my house and stay with me. I will feed them, and give them cuddles, attention and play. They will be walked at night with me and my dogs. For sleeping arrangements, they will be kept in a similar routine as you do, if your dog sleeps in a crate then they will be kept in a crate at night, if your dog sleeps upstairs with you, then they will sleep upstairs with me.

Please be aware that I only board 1 dog/household at a time so we have limited time and space, please book ahead to make sure you get a space. All new dogs do require a trial which is a 1-night stay.

How To Book? Simply Login or Register To Our Client Portal

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